Registering - Fast and simple

RENT at WILL supply to her customers advanced management system that enable every home owner to schedule upfront the bed linen replacement, all in the easiest way, safe and secure.

In order to manage the supplyment array you need to register in the site and fill the requested details, also the address you want to receive the service to.


Addresses and Orders - Simple and flexible

After opening an account in the site, the user can register unlimited count of addresses of the apartment he wish to get the service and all the addresses will be listed in the user account.

For every address that supplied you can order anytime under one user account.

Every user can manage his account according to his needs, adding new addresses or remove obsolete addresses, All from one friendly user interface and to enable the apartment owner the tools to do it effectively, transparent and economically.


Service advantages - One Stop Shop

  • No need for inventory: RENT at WILL free you from keeping stock of bed linen and towels, no more need for running around after laundry services.
  • Widespread flexibility: RENT at WILL offering you unprecedented management system to manage all you orders for each apartment.
  • Working with one service: why the need to for using generic laundry services, warring to stains, limited stock and not knowing when the order will arrive, Using RENT at WILL will supply premium 5 star hotel bed linen sets that will arrive to your doorstep.